The 28th China International Beauty & Cosmetics Expo in Beij

Time: April.14-16,2016.

Place: China International Exhibition Center

Organized by: Beijing Hairdressing & Beauty Association

            Beijing Shibolian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


China Beijing International Beauty & Cosmetic Expo Expo by the Joint Exhibition Services Ltd Beijing, Beijing Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association, Korea beautyIndustry Association, South Korea co-hosted the exhibition distributor, founded in 1997, held twice each year since 2008,to October 2015 has been successfully heldOffice of the 27th. China Beijing International Beauty & Cosmetic Expo (hereinafter referred to BJBE) North China has become the largest and most influential professional beauty industry event Also become a domestic and foreign enterprises to explore overseas markets as adocking platform, known as "the first Chinese exhibition industry in North America." Beauty salon products for domestic and foreign enterprises to develop the country Internal and international market for buyers and sellers to communicate and promote the exchange has played a positive role. BJBE professional beauty products as the industry exhibition, not only Witnessed the rise of China's beauty industry and prosperity, the more successfulindustries and enterprises a platform to discuss the most direct trade platform for enterprises to become the industry choice for a year Brand show. After more than ten years of development, BJBE show the scale and influence of the forefront of theindustry giant in the nation, is the second in Shanghai, Guangzhou, China's third largest after the beauty show Professional beauty industry event, enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

We look forward to " 2016 China Beijing International Beauty & Cosmetic Expo" with you to create business opportunities.

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